Tuesday, June 17, 2008


It has been a crazy couple weeks for the Heinz household. I don't think I'll even try to recap all the shuffling around. There were days of three kids, two kids, one kid, and even a few days of no kids. It was quite an adventure.

Lisa attended Football 101 for Women at UGA last Friday. She has been going now for the past four or five years and loves it. It's basically a day to get out to Athens, meet the coaches, learn about what the players do, and get to participate in some of it. Usually, Lisa goes with her sister. Unfortunately, she wasn't able to make it this year since one of the twins got sick. On the bright side our friend Rachel was able to step in at the last minute. I think they ended up having a really good time.

This week starts Ben's second round of swimming lessons. He's on his own with the other kids and the teacher this time. It's really a bit odd not being in the pool to help him but he did great last night. I think he'd swim for days if we let him. Keeping his water bravery a bit in check at the beach this summer may get interesting.

Monday, June 2, 2008


So, I've been told you don't actually have to go out of the country to post a blog entry. So, here goes...

It's time for the twins to visit. So, while we are all having fun it is also a good bit of work (especially for Lisa while I'm working). Anyway, that's about it for the moment. More to come this summer.