Thursday, July 26, 2007

Day 4

Getting to the end of the trip now. Only one ride left tomorrow. We've transferred to southwest France where we are riding in the Basque region. Very beautiful but different from the area around Lourdes.

Today we got up and rode 25 miles to Pau to see a Tour de France stage start. This was pretty exciting as there was huge news after yesterday's stage about the race leader (Michael Rasmussen) getting kicked out for missing some drug tests. This put a rider from the, ostensibly American, Discovery Channel team in the lead. Anyway, I ( and a few others) missed the start as we thought we had until 1 pm to see it but they started at 12:30.

After Pau we got on the bus for a 2 hour transfer to start our next ride then rode two small mountains ( similar to Woody Gap north of Dahlonega ) into our hotel. About 40 miles all in all. Awesome country but much hotter down here.

Tomorrow we have a long but relatively flat ride our for a picnic lunch then to a lake for swimming and relaxing. We'll be here another night then off to Paris. With the race really undecided now that should be very cool.

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