Monday, July 23, 2007

First day on the bike!

Well, we had our first day of riding today. Met our guides early in Toulouse and bussed to the bike fitting. Had to do that fast as the roads we were to ride were going to be closed by the police soon for the Tour de France to pass. We set out and got about 9 miles up the road when the police closed it. So, our only option was to turn around and go around the race. To do this we had to climb the Port de Balles. So, what was originally going to be a relatively easy day to stretch the legs with only 6 miles of climbing became a really hard day climbing the 12 miles up the Balles.

For those of you reading this who know the Tour or cycling the Port de Balles has never been climbed in the tour until this year. Our guides hadn't climbed it either.It is an HC climb which our guides thought was harder than Alp d'Huez and the Tourmalet (we climb that tomorrow).

All that is to say I spent almost 5 hours on the bike today and I'm sore. The good news is I wasn't the slowest rider. I'm definitely in the running though. Most of the guys here are tri-atheletes and in really good shape. I think the biggest thing I noticed was the elevation affecting me. It wasn't so much my legs.

So, tomorrow is the Tourmalet. This climb is longer but maybe not as steep. We'll see. It is a climb up to 6600 feet over roughly 14 miles. I'll report back then (if I am still moving) and let you know how that goes. Bedtime now.


erlang_blogs said...

hey Llew - i'm enjoying reading this. is Lisa meeting you there at some point?

Susan said...

Hi Llew & Lisa, Just found out about your site and will be checking in regularly. Thanks for including us!
Susan B.

Doug said...

Hey guys - this is a great idea. Can't wait to follow "the action" on the Tour de Llew. Thanks for posting, and we'll be waiting anxiously for each update.

Doug B.

thepettys said...

We like it... the Tour de Llew.
Glad to be getting blogs on the progress of your trip. Good luck with all the climbing - we hope you get to coast a little at some point.
Good luck!
Brendon, Rachel and Lia