Sunday, February 24, 2008

December, where did you go?

Okay. So, basically, we are really bad bloggers. For those handful of you who might actually notice we updated the site here is some info from December and January. Both months really seemed to just disappear in to thin air. I think we left off last time shortly after UGA beat the Jackets (had to throw that in).

Anyway, the first part of December is pretty much a blur at this point. One of the really cool things we were able to do with our small group this year was visit Children's Medical Center in Atlanta. It was good to expose Ben to giving at Christmas time and kind of really helped kick off our holiday season. At least it did for me. We also had a very good time attending a Christmas party for some of Lisa's former students. It was a lot of fun and Ben seemed to really enjoy his time there too.
My parents arrived on about the 14th of December. Then, before we knew it, Christmas was on top of us. We had three very different celebrations this year. The first was a more casual affair at Lisa's parents with just her family (minus K&B, unfortunately). Then we did our Christmas Eve dinner with my parents and finally headed to Cartersville for Christmas Day with just Lisa's parents and grandmother.

No, my mom isn't quite that short. :) In the course of taking pictures for Christmas we completely messed up and this the only shot of my parents together on Christmas Eve that we have. Funny stuff though.

The biggest news was the Ben finally got to play with Grandpa's tractor.