Tuesday, February 26, 2008

South Africa - Saturday (Feb 23)

Well, the weekend arrived and I was able to get in some relaxing time and see some really fun sites too. Got up early and got going with a quick stop off for coffee. There's this really good chain of Portuguese coffee shops here called Vida e Caffe.

No, Woodstock does not come with the coffee. He's one of Ben's friends. He travelled along with me on the trip and I will occasionally take pictures of Woodstock doing something I'm doing and send them to Ben. He really seems to like it.

Well, after getting some coffee I tried to head up to Table Mountain again but it was even more windy this day than the previous Sunday. Looks like I'm striking out on going up Table Mountain altogether. I did get some good pictures from the base of the cable car though. Here's a picture of Lion's Head (left) and Signal Hill (right). Cape Town is below these to the right/north. From the water Lion's Head and Signal Hill together apparently look like a recumbent lion sitting next to the city.

After striking out at Table Mountain I drove back over to Camps Bay and walked the beach and checked out the storefronts for a while. I then found a good place to sit down and just relax with a smoothie for lunch and soak in the atmosphere.

For the afternoon I drove around to the back side of Table Mountain and took in the Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden. This is a really big garden. Something like 1300 acres. It was good to just walk around and take in all the flora from the different parts of Africa.


Anonymous said...

Llew - that's quite an interesting trip. Why are you there? Will you be going back regularly? Are you going to get any more time to explore?


Llew & Lisa said...

Thanks Chad. It really was a good trip but kind of longish. Not sure when/if I'll be back. Wouldn't mind taking Lisa back on a vacation though.


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