Tuesday, February 26, 2008

South Africa - Sunday (Feb 24)

While I'm sure all of you spent your whole day waiting with bated breath for the Oscars I did get a few things done. Mark planned for us to go out to Cape Point today and see that area. His friend Wes Hutchinson was in town visiting and went with us. Additionally, Alister and Storm, two other friends of Mark's from Cape Town went along as well. (As a side note, Wes is a good songwriter and musician who's been working at "making it" for quite a while. He's got some really good tunes that are worth checking out - http://www.weshutchinson.com/)

So, we drove south from Cape Town via Hout Bay and out toward Simonstown. Really fantastic countryside with incredible ocean views. Lots of cyclists out too. They are training for the upcoming Argus, which is a 100+ km bike race around the Cape in a couple weeks. It's a really neat cycling event akin to Atlanta's Peachtree Road Race, just with bike's. It's a very athletic country. I think it would be really hard to live here and not spend as much time outside as you possible could. Anyway, here are a few pictures from our drive down to Cape Point.

By the way, the beach above has got to be the single largest piece of sand that's not a desert I've ever seen. If you look close you'll see some black specs on the beach. Those are horses. The more amazing thing is that it was a very beautiful day (80 degrees or so with almost no wind) and the beach was empty.

After an hour or so drive we did reach Cape Point, which actually isn't the farthest south point in Africa (Cape Agulhas has that honor). News to me. Anyway, upon reaching the Point our first stop was to get lunch at the restaurant perched over the Indian Ocean. The crazy thing is that there are baboons everywhere. It's a national park so they don't really contain them that much. They just try to keep them somewhat away from the tourists, etc. We actually had one jump on to the deck while we were eating, run across some tables, and grab some food off another table before being chased away by the waiters.

After lunch we hiked up to the Cape Point lighthouse. It was pretty cloudy as we got up there so not too much to see. Did take several pictures though.

So, after spending a few hours at Cape Point we started heading back to Cape Town. Along the way we stopped off at Boulders. This is another part of the Table Mountain National Park where African Penguins live right on the beach.

That was a very full weekend. Back to work for the rest of the week. Next weekend planning to see some more of the countryside.


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